"I wouldn't mind strain of Welsh blood in an Event horse, their character and native cleverness are great strenghts"

Rodney Powell - Event Rider

".......there is little to approach the Welsh breeds as the basis for competition horse production"

Capt. E.Hartley-Edwards - Horseman and Author

" I'd regard it as an advantage to have a strain of Welsh cob blood in a potential competition horse's pedigree"

Stephen Hadley - Showjumper

"They are a useful foundation when mated to a Thoroughbred, to breed an event horse"

Sam Barr - Breeder, Welton Stud

" Welsh Cob is a great cross - sound and tough"

John Rawding - Breeder, Church Farm Stud

"They have alot of presence and are very good rides; I'm happy to have horses with Welsh blood

Robert Oliver - Producer and Rider of Show Horses

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